Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Next Level Edition

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  • an unpredictable fantasy world: Tiny Tina is your disorderly guide through an extraordinary Table kingdom where rules are rarely applied.
  • tracks, spells and more: explosion of bad guys with powerful weapons and devastating spells in frantic Battles in the first person.
  • party to defeat evil: when joining the table you will join Captain Valentín Valentine and the robot obsessed with Fette rules.
  • Customize to your hero: create the perfect hero with a deep customization, including a system Multiclass that allows you to mix and combine six unique characters skill trees.
  • band together in chaotic coopence: enjoy the story alone or start a party with up to three friends in a perfect online multiplayer mode or on a local divided screen.

This edition includes: -Optimized for PlayStation 5

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