The Riftbreaker

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You're Captain Ashley S. Nowak, 'the Riftbreaker'. You're, alone, millions of light years from home. You have no way back. And the planet Galatea 37 seems utterly determined to kill you. The only way out is through and it's your job to use your mech suit, Mr Riggs, to build a return portal so that humans can come and join you in colonising Galatea 37. If Riftbreaker sounds like a base building game to you, you're entirely right. You'll need to extract resources, harvest energy and build a base to house your portal, establishing outposts across the planet as you go. It's so much more than that too, though, incorporating elements of survival, exploration and tower defence. The planet is packed with alien fauna that's extremely hostile to you and Mr Riggs, and a significant amount of your time will be spent upgrading your suit and fighting for your life using an array of weapons including flamethrowers, rocket launchers and your trusty massive sword. So, while on paper your objective is to build, the real fun of Riftbreaker is in how it brings together a glorious mishmash of genres into one seamless package.

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