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It is the time of the Dragonborn. Battle rages across the forests, plains and mountains of Skyrim as Imperials and Stormcloaks fight for supremacy. In ancient barrows, the restless dead rise from their sleep. Skeletons and fearsome Draugr jealously guard their treasures from bands of delving adventures.

Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms is an adventure wargame set in the world of Tamriel. Gather your heroes and venture into Draugr haunted tombs and ruins, searching for treasure and glory. Or, fight the Civil War as the Stormcloaks and Imperials battle for the future of Skyrim.

Take back your homeland with the Heroes of the Stormcloak Rebellion. The true sons of Skyrim are led by the terrifying YRSARALD THRICE PIERCED and RALOF, who stalks the field with bow and axe. Both are supported by three hard hitting STORMCLOAK SOLDIERS WITH GREATSWORDS. 

For use with Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms  Miniatures Core Rules. Expand your game with the Imperial Legion Plastic Faction Starter and Bleak Falls Barrow Plastic Delve Set also available at launch. 

This set contains five 32mm scale high quality multi-part hard plastic miniatures with separate bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Scenic bases not included. 

Includes: 1 x Yrsarald Thrice Pierced, Stormcloak Commander, 1 x Ralof, Warrior of the Resistance, 3 x Stormcloak Soldier with Greatswords, 5 x Bases 

Contents: 5 x 32mm multi-part plastic miniatures, 5 x bases

Heroes and troops/ Multi-part plastic miniatures.  32mm scale. 

Pack contains five Stormcloak faction members.  Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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