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Tamagotchi Pix is an interactive game in the shape of an egg, which fits in the hand, allowing you to raise his virtual pet. With its color screen, touch buttons, camera, games, built-in social network and customization options, raising a virtual animal has never been so fun! Raise your Tamagotchi, take care of it make it happy and develop social relationships. Feed him (take what's available in the refrigerator, take him to the restaurant or cook him small dishes), play with him, accompany him to the toilet, take a bath, clean his universe, lay him down at fixed time, take him out (in the garden, park, in the city, meeting friends), care z-le quand il Need it There are 1001 ways to have fun with his Tamagotchi Pix. Use the camera to take photos with your Tamagotchi, play with it, cook, or customise your items, then share your album on your Tamagotchi's social network. Connect to your friends' Tamagotchi to exchange gifts and play together. Tamagotchi Pix includes 17 games that will win you Gotchi Points. These points can be used in restaurants, or shops around the world Tamagotchi to buy accessories, objects, furniture, decoration Your egg will change differently depending on how much you care it. Raise it and see it pick a craft.

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