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Welcome to Jurassic World! You can now raise and nurture your own dinosaur! From 2 Tamagotchi styles to pick from. Watch your baby-dino hatch from the egg and find out which one of the 24 dinosaurs it will grow into to. Feed your dinosaur based on whether it is a herbivore or a carnivore. If your dinosaur gets bored and wants to play, then choose one of the exciting mini games. From ‘Which One’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Catch Food’ – If you win your games, your dinosaur will be happy. If your dinosaur sleeps turn the lights off, if your dinosaur poops then flush it away. If you take good care of your dinosaur, you can unlock the secret character. But watch out! If you don’t take care of your dinosaur well enough, it runs the risk of getting sick and sad and leaving you. After taking good care of your adult-dino, it will go on a journey to find the new place and you can raise a new dinosaur.

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