Superdrive -GS850-X Drive Pro Sport Wheel

Sale price£149.99 GBP


Manual gear lever. Large crankset with footrest system and accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals. Double vibration motor. +/- speed change paddles
Angle of rotation 270 °. Sensitivity adjustment (3 sensitivity levels). Microphone gamer headset compatible
Suction cup or clamp fixing system for simulation seats
Fully programmable, compatible with all racing games (Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motor Sport 7, Forza Horizon 5, Project Cars 2, F1 2020, Need for Speed, Dirt, WRC, Grid, GTA V ...)
Note: Leave your system off and connect your steering wheel to the usb port on the console and to the usb microphone port on your controller. Turn on your system from the power button (controller off). Once the system is on, press the "Home" button on your steering wheel.

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