SIFU: Vengeance Edition

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Follow the story of a young Kung Fu student as he seeks revenge for the murder of his family. From the makers of Absolver, Sifu is a dynamic beat-em-up with a unique graphic style. With no allies by your side on your path for vengeance, you'll need to use the environment to your advantage. Throw objects or use them as makeshift weapons. You can even push enemies through windows or knock them out on ledges - everything is at your disposal.

Good to know

- Never stop learning - as your character ages you'll unlock unique skills and master the techniques of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu
- Choreographed by a real Kung Fu master, every kick and punch is accurate and dynamic
Set in modern-day China, explore everywhere from gang-ridden street corners to corporate offices
- The Vengeance edition includes a SIFU Steelbook, 3 lithographs, an artbook and a copy of the digital soundtrack


PLAYSTATION Sifu: Vengeance Edition - PS5, Action, Minimum age: 16+, Single player

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