Scarlet Nexus (Xbox Series x / One)

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Scarlet Nexus brings you into an anime-style brain punk future of humanity. Aggressive brain-eating mutants called the Others have descended form the sky and torn the society apart with overwhelming force. Luckily, there's the Other Supression Force (OSF). With their psionic abilities and a extreme training, they are the last hope of humanity. That's where you come in, taking the role of either Yuito Sumeragi, a son of prestigious family looking to prove his own worth or Kasane Randall, a mysterious and talented girl from the streets. Both these fresh OSF recruits have a unique story, letting you uncover the narrative from two perspectives. Expect stylish, action-packed fights combining swordplay and psionic abilities. With psychokinesis, the whole environment becomes your weapon. As a fresh recruit, you'll have a lot of space for improvement and tons of powers and skills to learn so you can beat the Others and save the humanity.

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