Samurai Warrior 5

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Official UK stockistnSamurai warriors 5 features 27 playable characters, including both new and returning warriors, from Ieyasu Tokugawa and hideyoshi hashiba to no, and yoshimoto Imagawa. Original character Mitsuki, a koga Ninja, has also been added, with further characters to be announced in the lead up to launch. All of the game's character designs have been completely redesigned and re-imagined to help fit the storyline's Sengoku time period.nThe intense high-action drama unfolds during the Sengoku period of Japan and tells the story of two of the most pre-eminent military commanders of this period - nobunaga Oda and mitsuhide akechi. Samurai warriors 5 features various eras from this period, including the younger years of nobunaga, when he was known as owarinEnjoy all-new Musou actions, including the newly designed Musou Frenzy attacks, which elevate the thrill of blowing away hordes of enemy soldiers. These actions are displayed in a vibrant new Japanese ink painting art s.

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