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Once again, the world is lost and you are the one that has the power to find it and put it on its right path. The chaos has begun and no one knows where it started since portals from and to other worlds can always be opened. You can, but also you have to travel through these portals to find the source of the evil and use technology in your advance to fight unimaginable evil and restore the balance of humanity. In trying to stay alive, all that matters is your health and the way you live your life. The mental equilibrium and the force to slay all the monsters that come along your path are essential to your mission. The psychological balance and the emotional response can sometimes rule your life and also rule the universe all humankind lives in. Succeeding in finding the peace within yourself can be the key to slaying all monsters in the universe and defeating all scary creatures that have already created a different and malevolent universe. Remnant: From the Ashes, a third-person

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