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  • Basado en el galardonado sistema de juego de mesa "This Quark's War"
  • Combate VR basado en turno
  • Más de 15 horas de juego único.
  • Más de 14 niveles en los que luchar por la causa del Cruzado
  • 18 unidades diferentes amigables y enemigos

Quar: INFERNAL MACHINES is a single player turn-based strategic VR experience set in the world of Alkyd. For the last 700 years the Quar have been waging The Long War to a bloody stalemate that has decimated their world. But the balance of power is shifting and Crusade is attempting to end the war by conquering all the Quar nations. Play through more than a dozen missions with a bird's eye view or go down onto the battlefield to be immersed in the action. The game takes place inside a fully 3d command bunker. The player can walk around this bunker, inspect trophies on the walls and observe the game table. The game table may be in several states: The Base View/Main Hub, Unit Selection and Game Map modes. Can you lead your Quar to victory?

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