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The PlayStation 3 Bluetooth controller is adapted to your type and mode of play. Multiplayer or single player, at home or away, it's your choice! This controller adapts to the conditions you give it, in keeping with its camouflage pattern. It blends in with the scenery thanks to its lightness and ease of use. You'll be able to play FPS, RPG, RTS and all your favourite Play Station 3 compatible games from wherever you want. That's why, no matter what style of gaming you want to adopt, serene or hectic, the PS3 bluetooth camouflage controller will follow you in all your movements thanks to its long range and its autonomy. A PS3 CONTROLLER, COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GAMING PRACTICES This ps3 controller, compatible with all gaming practices, adapts to all your uses. The places, the times, the number of players are no limits for this controller with camouflage pattern. It will combine the following features with elegance and performance: A esthetic design with camouflage patterns A lithium battery with a long life Indicators to warn you of a low battery level A range of up to 10 meters for your movements At Under Control, you can find this new PS3 controller for a very low price. A long range, to follow your movements Your gaming is hectic and you can't keep up when you come up against an obstacle or an enemy? The Bluetooth controller is for you. The cable will not bother you in any way because it is not necessary to use it. Just connect it and immerse yourself in the world you choose, alone or with other players. Long lasting, for endless games The integrated lithium battery with a voltage range of 3.7 to 4.2 volts will give you a long lasting performance during your games. Are you afraid of being held up in the middle of a game due to a lack of battery power? You will be warned well in advance to avoid disconnection during a decisive action during the game. An alert will tell you the best time to plug it in. The one meter long cable provided will allow you to continue your game without any problems. When charging, 4 LED port indicators show you the battery level of your controller. You can then disconnect the controller when the indicators tell you that the battery is fully charged. Throughout the day, if you forget to turn it off or are not active in your gaming for a while, it will automatically go into standby mode to save its battery. Opting for this PS3 Bluetooth controller means choosing the aesthetics of the camouflage pattern, ease of movement and autonomy for immersive and enjoyable gaming.

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