Pm Tmnt St Ralph Hopper

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The Turtles have tracked down TCRI's latest illegal experiments from NYC to Hawkins, Indiana, where it's trying to harness the power of the Upside Down. The half-shell heroes must team up with Eleven and her friends to try and stop TCRI's next experiment before it succeeds. At 6" in height, both Raphael and Hopper are fully articulated and pose-able, perfect for creating action-packed battle scenes and fighting moments! The authentically designed figures feature a high level of detail and vibrant paint jobs, great for both kids and collectors alike. Raphael is newly sculpted, based on his appearance in the 1984 comic book, with his red bandana, signature twin sai, waffle throwing stars, and a portable 1980s cassette tape player. Hopper dons his blue jeans and iconic Hawaiian shirt based on his appearance in season 3, and includes a handgun, baseball bat with nails, axe, and flashlight.

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