Playstation Hits Mad Max

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Mad Max convinces with open world gameplay in a post-apocalyptic setting where cars are essential for survival. Players slip into the role of Mad Max, a lone warrior who fights for bare survival in merciless battles against ruthless bandit gangs. After his infamous Interceptor is stolen, Max must team up with Chumbucket, the gifted, maverick mechanic, among others, on his way out of the wasteland to build the ultimate fighting car. Become the iconic post-apocalyptic warrior Mad Max, craft and upgrade his equipment; survive by combining hand-to-hand combat, firearms and tactical action. Players must make difficult decisions as they make their way out of the wasteland. Explore the harsh, dynamic world as you brave the treacherous landscape, hostile weather conditions and deadly bands of raiders. Any metal you loot is important and can be used to upgrade and improve your equipment, weapons and vehicles. Players raid enemy camps to gain access to valuable resources. Staying alive is not easy. Players clash with deadly factions and gangs as they complete dangerous missions and side quests in the unforgiving world. Engage in dynamic vehicular combat and take out your opponents with a variety of powerful weapons. Only the laws of physics apply, so no two battles are alike. Players determine the design of their ultimate combat vehicle and upgrade it as they see fit. They can access a variety of different upgrade items, such as weapons, tanks and engines, to survive another day.

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