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Pillars of Eternity is back. The old school RPG gameplay style of the first game has made it through to Deadfire intact, but there's a whole new watery world for players to uncover as they begin an adventure across land and sea. In this Ultimate Edition players get not only the base game, but all the major updates and expansions launched since the PC release to boot. The stakes couldn't be higher as you explore the perilous Deadfire archipelago in search of a newly reborn god so that you can win back your soul. And, because this is an archipelago, you're no longer limited to just over-land travel. You can hire your own crew and set sail, charting your way along the coast to explore the dangers and delights lurking there. It's not as simple and just hopping in a boat and setting off, though. You'll need to choose your crew wisely, as their stats impact how you perform out on the high seas. You'll also have to manage provisions and finances, keeping your crew fed and paid so that morale remains high. Like the first game, travel is a big part of Deadfire's appeal - it feels more like you're traveling through a Tolkein-esque world than watching the camera cut suddenly to a new location like late-stage Game of Thrones. It's just as well, as there's plenty to discover along the way, some of it tying to the main story but some of it simply enriching the world you're exploring. The isometric point of view and turn-based combat of the first game return, but it's all had a fresh coat of paint that will appeal to fans of both the old and new schools of role-playing games. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is epic and swashbuckling in equal proportions.

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