NIOH 2 - Playstation 4

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Master the lethal art of the samurai in this brutal masocore action role-playing game for death is coming. Journey to 1555 feudal Japan, a country gripped in the misery and madness of endless warfare.

A place where monsters and evil spirits infest a land of natural beauty and menacing peril, where everyone from the smallest child to the bravest warrior lives in constant fear of the spiritual beings known as yokai.

Play as a mute rogue living as a hired mercenary and renowned yokai hunter. Born to and abandoned by human and yokai parents, you are burdened with the ability to take on supernatural yokai form.

Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and terrifying Dark Realm?

Discover traditional melee and ranged weapons.

Learn a variety of deadly new samurai skills.

Change your combat stance to perform specific moves, with each stance having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare for the fight of your life in a revamped combat system.

Embrace the yokai shift to unleash your inner demon and wield devastating powers.

Travel through the Dark Realm, a strange plane of existence empowering demons with enhanced abilities.

Create and customize your own male or female samurai.

Experience a twisting tale where fact meets fiction.

Join friends online in multiplayer modes for two or three players: summon allies to your aid in Visitors or play completed levels together in Expeditions.

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