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he Switch small handle charging base is a charging product designed according to the charging needs of the Switch handle. This product can provide four small handles to charge at the same time (that is, two sets of Switch handles are charged simultaneously). The corresponding ones are respectively inserted into the charging stand of this product. This charging base uses standard USB_5V power supply, and it is easier to obtain power from the Switch host USB interface, computer USB interface or other 5V mobile phone power adapter's USB interface. There is no need to use the Switch host USB and its dedicated matcher power. The product has a novel and lightweight appearance, simple, convenient and practical use, and is a must-have for Switch gamers.

Product Features: ● This product adopts piano black surface treatment, and the four color-changing square pillars are used as charging instructions to increase the product's dazzling color; l Plug and charge, universal USB_5V power supply, better user experience; l When the small handle of the Switch is charging, the transparent column is red, and it turns green after being filled, which is pleasant and easy to understand. ; l The product has a novel appearance, simple and convenient use, and is a must-have for Switch gamers.

Instructions For Use: 1. Charge the Switch small handle through this charging base 1.1. Connect the USB cable to a device with a standard USB_5V output or to the Fire Bull interface. 1.2. Connect the MICRO plug of the USB charging cable to the MICRO socket of the charging base. 1.3 At this time, it can be seen that there are emerald green light sources on the four transparent square pillars, which indicates that the charging base has been normally energized. 1.4. Correspondingly insert the small handle of Switch into the left and right sides of the charging base, as shown in the picture. At this time, if the emerald light source from the transparent square column turns red, it means that the small Switch handle attached to this port is charging. 1.5 When the built-in battery on the small handle of the Switch is fully charged, the transparent square pillar on the charging base reveals the red light source and changes to emerald green. 1.6. After the charging is completed, the small Switch handle needs to be removed from the charging base to play the game normally. 1.7 This charging base can charge four Switch handles at the same time.

Product specifications and characteristics: 1.Applicable products: Switch handle 2.Product material: ABS material 3.Scope of application: Switch small handle charging seat 4.Input voltage: Type-c_5V/1A 5.Charging current: 200 mA*4 6.Product accessories: charging base 1PCS, charging line 1PCS 7.With Retail Package

Matters needing attention: ● The input power is a stable USB_5V voltage; ● If the product is damaged, please stop using it and send it to a professional for repair. Do not disassemble it by yourself. ● If there is water, please air-dry it. Do not expose this product to the sun. ● Do not wipe this product with chemical reagents. ● Do not scratch the product with sharp objects

Product type: Other Nintendo Accessories

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