Nintendo Switch Console - Neon Red/Blue

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Nintendo Switch can bring the fun anywhere you go, with anyone! Nintendo Switch can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy life may be. Enjoy the home console gaming experience, even without access to a TV. Nintendo Switch has a controller on each side of the console that function together: the Joy-Con. By handing one of the Joy-Con to a friend, you can play competitive or co-operative multiplayer anywhere. If you attach the two Joy-Con to the Joy-Con grip, it will work like a traditional controller, and without the grip they work as two individual, fully-functioning controllers. Gather around a big screen and enjoy gaming with a crowd with TV mode! Share the screen, share the fun with tabletop mode Carry around a beautiful display anywhere you go. Link up to eight consoles for multiplayer. Join in the friends with other players when you sync up to eight Nintendo Switch, OLED or Lite to play competitive games!

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