NBA 2K22

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NBA 2K22 Put the entire basketball universe in your hands. Anyone, anywhere can hook in NBA 2K22.

Improve your game: The new tactical offensive is found with a revised defense for a more competitive and immersive NBA 2K22. Add Dribling, Shot, Sinking and Alley-Oops to your Movement Bag, and counteract them with new fierce blocks and competitions at the other end of the court.

Everything aboard the cruise: navigates the high seas in the new 2K22 neighborhood, made for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Create your perfect MyPlayer, climb level for rewards and express both through your game and your style.

Your dream team: collects, creates and annuls in the best fantasy competition in the NBA: NBA 2K22 MYTEAM. Build the line of your dreams of NBA stars and legends at any time, and explore the changing evolutions of play to the Myteam experience - Each addition introduced season after season.

New seasons, new discos: In the 2K22 NBA, each season brings new opportunities to harvest new rewards. Either in Myteam or Mycareer, compete against the best and discover what incredible rewards every new season has.

Enter the real game: Play your favorite teams and stars of the NBA and WNBA, and experience the authenticity of the basketball professional at the highest levels. With the best visual presentation and the players, updated lists and historical teams, and much more, the game has never felt more real and complete than in NBA 2K. Feel the energy of the crowd, the intensity of competition and infinite entertainment of one of the most immersive sports products in games today.

Pursues your professional dream: put on the shoes of an aspiring dancer in Mycareer, and carve your own path to the National Association of Basketball on a Hollywood trip. Meet friends outside the court and enemies on the court, since your rise to the top takes different turns and turns, some based on the decisions you make for yourself. Will you make your name at the university or will you develop your game professionally at the NBA G League or both? Or will you take your game directly to the NBA? It is completely your story.

Be part of a large community of hoops: either in the city (for playstation, 5 and xbox series x | s) or in the neighborhood (for PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC), live your basketball in the largest and most vibrant rings community in the world. With your MyPlayer, put at work, repeat and dominate the courts. You can train at the Gatorade training installation, collect the last team on SWAG's and compete throughout the year in various events. Be the player who wants to be in the NBA Basketball Center itself 2K.

Build your own dream team: Create the definitive fantasy list of today's NBA stars and yesterday's legends In Myteam. An always rewarding experience of collection and competition, MyTeam combines the emotion of discovering and obtaining your favorite player cards and the intensity of assuming the best lists that the MyTeam community has to offer. Play, win, create and compete through challenges, tournaments and much more.

Take control above all: take control as general manager or supervise the entire league from the top as commissioner in the experience of more complete management simulation: MyNBA and MyWNBA (MyGM and Myleague for PlayStation, 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC). Make decisions in teams, personal and other greats that will determine the success of a team on the way to a dynasty, and experience new rules, competition formats and other decisions throughout the league that will shape the sport of notable ways. Span >

Experience the latest and better: there is always something new to return to NBA 2K: The latest lists and qualifications of players from players from players from The NBA/WNBA, new challenges and player cards in Myteam, the most fresh and neighborhood team and basketball events, and much more. With constant expansion content and one of the most passionate rings communities, basketball never stops in NBA 2K.

Everything is game: The NBA 2K experience offers more than basketball sport; It is the culture of hoops and everything that surrounds it. Discover promising musical artists in a 2K Beats playing soundtrack in constant expansion. Flaunt the latest trends in urban clothing fashion and rings with your MyPlayer. Design your own tennis, uniforms and brand for your personalized teams. In NBA 2K, everything is a game.

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