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TIME TO BECOME AGREAT CHEF! Open your own restaurantand learn to cookdelicious mealsfrom the best international chefs to turn into theultimate cooking star!

Experience your dream job in a game! Live atrue-to-life Chef experienceas you discover new recipes from all over the world, cook delicious meals and make your customers happy. It's thefun sideofbeing an elite cook, without the long and difficult training!

A fresh and colourful take in the cooking simulation genrewith various recipes to try and master. A rich and complete game (30 delicious-looking recipes) offering a glimpse of a wonderful job, including light restaurant management.

In Cooking Star Restaurant, you open your own restaurant with an original concept: cooking food from different parts of the world!

Cut, slice, spread, mix more than 11 gameplay styles to discover!

Discover 30 recipes from all over the world in 5 different cooking styles: American, Italian, Indian, Japanese and French

Master each recipe and impress your customers to unlock new chefs and cooking styles

A fun and kid-friendly simulation of a dream job: being a chef and having your own restaurant!

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