Monster Truck Championship (PS4)

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There's nothing in the world of motor sport quite like monster truck racing. There's something simultaneously deadly serious and innately silly about trucks the size of small buildings decked out like cartoon dogs. While Monster Truck Championship looks to capture that joyfulness, however, there's something innately serious about a game that works so hard to offer a simulation of its titular sport, with handling physics fully present and accounted for. You'll find a very satisfying sense of bulk in the handling of these beasts, particularly as you lurch into a corner and feel one of your wheels leave the dirt or slap back into the mud after a particularly gnarly air. You'll have to take into account real world mechanics, such as separate front and rear wheel driving and mass transfer when you head into a bend. It's a far cry from the low, agile and zippy cars or bikes you'll usually find in a racing game and makes for an interesting break from genre norms. The racing is spread across three different tiers of league, each boasting 10 events spread across 18 customisable tracks and an impressive 25 arenas. The races are broken out into two types - drag races which celebrate speed by having you race against an opponent on a mirrored track - and straight-up races, which will have you throwing your weight around against other trucks. They can all be played locally or, of course, online against up to seven opponents.

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