Mft Batman 66 Batcycle

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Along with Batman’s many gadgets and gizmos that help him and the Boy Wonder fight crime, one stands prevalent alongside the Batmobile to help our heroes get around. That is the Batcycle. Holy Ravioli! Trickled out with bat icons, and a sidecar for Robin, this handy vehicle allows the dynamic duo to get in and out of places in a flash! Based on the classic 60's TV show, the Batcycle with Sidecar has been designed to fit any and all McFarlane Toys DC Retro Figures. Included is the sidecar for the Boy Wonder that can be removed and used separately with the Batcycle. Both the Batcycle and Sidecar feature rolling wheels, so you can recreate iconic moments from the animated series, and then display the vehicle within your DC collection!

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