Mft 40 K Traitor Guard

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These brave, well-trained, and determined veterans are - or were - humans; conscript troops who were recruited to regiments and sent into the unknown with no idea of what they'd face. Most troopers serve brilliantly and bravely, remaining loyal to their Imperial duty despite everything they experience. But others fall prey to the insidious touch of chaos. They become - literally, in some cases - the very thing they are fighting against. Continue your collection with the McFarlane toys newest Warhammer model! Incredibly detailed 7scale figure based on the Warhammer 40K Darktide Video Game Traitor Guard. This Warhammer figure comes with a Laspistol, Close Combat weapon, and a stand base. With up to 22 moving parts, you can play or simply pose the figurine as you choose. Do you want to collect and preserve your figurine or play with it? The choice is yours and is a perfect gift for any collector in your life.Safety WarningNot suitable for children under 12 years

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