Mft 40 K Br Sister Of Battle

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Like a relentless wave of mechanical death, the Necron legions have arrived to destroy the worlds of man and bring the galaxy under the rule of the C’tan. Working as the vanguard to strike fear into the enemy, the Flayed Ones are driven to insanity with their hunger for blood and gore, bearing the infliction of the Flayer Virus from the C’tan Llandu’gor, which compels them to decorate themselves in the flesh of their fallen enemies. The ravenous Necrons have met their match when they come across the Adepta Soritas Battle Sister of The Order of the Bloody Rose, which was founded in honour of Saint Mina by the Ecclesiarch Deacis VI during the 38th Millennium. From the moment a sister joins the Bloody Rose, she is taught to foster and harness her most violent impulses so that they can be unleashed upon the enemies of the faith, charging into battle with screams of wrathful praise and trained precision as they vent their hatred like purifying flames upon their enemies. The Grim Dark world of Warhammer 40,000 continues to bring endless war to your collection with Wave 3, featuring the fearless Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister from The Order of the Bloody Rose, and the fearsome Flayed Ones from the relentless Necron armies. The Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister action figure has been designed in 7” scale with incredible detail to capture the world of 40K, featuring an Ultra Articulation design with over 20 moving parts for a full range of dynamic posing options, and comes complete with a Boltgun, Chainsword, and a figure base, all showcased in a Warhammer 40,000 themed window box.

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