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A new Mario Tennis game brings a new level of skill and competition to the Nintendo Switch system. Mario takes to the court in stylish tennis attire for intense rallies against a variety of characters in full-blown tennis battles. New wrinkles in the tennis game will challenge your ability to read an opponent's position and stroke to determine which shot will give you the advantage. And this time the game adds the first story mode since the Mario Tennis game on the Game Boy Advance system, offering a new flavor of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions, boss battles and more. Step up your game with Zone Speed ​​and Zone Shot Unleash an arsenal of shots and strategies in tennis battles with friends, family, and fan-favorite characters from Mushroom Kingdom. Whether you play locally, online or using simple motion controls, intense rallies await. In Adventure mode, experience a new favor of the tennis game, with a variety of quests, boss battles, and much more. Complete missions and boss battles in Adventure mode while mastering the controls. Test your hard-earned skills in singles or doubles with up to 4 players in local or online multiplayer, not to mention Tournament mode, which lets you challenge the CPU. Store energy and use it to accomplish incredible feats: move so fast the world slows down around you or aim in first person to send the ball crashing. Your opponents can try to block you, but if they fail, their racket will get damaged and break after three hits. Fully charge your energy to throw the ball with enough force to KO your opponent. Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer. Sold separately. Nintendo Switch Online subscription (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required to play online. Not available in all countries. Internet access is required for online features. Conditions apply.

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