Mafia Trilogy (PS4)

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Including all three games from the series, the thrilling Mafia: Trilogy from PlayStation 4 lets you dive into a world of organised crime across three deadly eras. Mafia I throws you into the deep end of the 1930s' underworld. This is after cab driver, Tommy Angelo, accidentally has a run-in with the mob and becomes tempted by the irresistible rewards of working with the Salieri crime family. The 2nd in the trilogy is based in the 1940's-1950's New York. It follows Vito Scaletta, a war hero who becomes entangled with the gangster lifestyle in hope of helping his father pay back his debts. And in the finale of the series, you're out for blood in 1960s' LA. Playing as Lincoln Clay, you're on the war path after the Italian Mafia kill his surrogate family, the Black Mob. The common through all 3? Getting caught up in the world of crime only results in deadly consequences.

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