Jurassic World Evolution 2 (PS4)

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The Jurassic World Evolution games are both the least and most obvious adaptations of the dino-cloning films - theme park simulators, from none other than the genre specialists, Frontier Developments. This time out, they've given you the chance to correct the mistakes of the past. You get to build your very own Jurassic Park (or World, if you're more of a sequel sort of person). Turn fossils into living dinosaurs, keep your staff happy, make sure the t-shirt concession is in a good spot, make sure that your dinos' needs are taken care of. The real action here is in the Chaos Theory mode, though. This sets you up back in the 1990s, with none of the gyrospheres or other newfangled inventions of the sequels. Your job is to succeed where the other park managers failed - build a park where the dinosaurs don't get loose and start eating guests. It's a balancing act, and like any theme park you'll have to spin plates and manage budgets to both attract guests and keep your dinosaurs tended to. It's difficult stuff, but when you finally manage to clone your prehistoric shark and watch it make a meal of a modern shark, you'll be satisfied.

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