Nintendo Switch, Junior League Sports 3 in 1 Collection

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Junior League Sports 3 in 1 Collection offers gamers the opportunity to take on arcade-style versions of Soccer, Basketball and Ice Hockey. By accumulating skill points, players can unleash spectacular moves, while cartoonish visuals, a loose interpretation of rules, and simple motion controls are designed to make the game accessible to younger gamers. There are eight different teams from which to choose, and single-player action includes both a knockout-style tournament and a round-robin league. Creative gamers can design their own characters using the "NUYU" character editor, while multiplayer fans can go head-to-head against a friend. Features: Always wanted to be a Basketball Hero? With Kidz Sports Basketball, now you can. Steer your team to triumph in the Knockout Cup or enter Exhibition Mode to get straight into the action. The choice is yours. See if you have what it takes in Kidz Sports Ice Hockey. Become a legend in your own living room. Kidz Sports International Football is a fun-based sports game, which will have you standing up, moving around and literally re-enacting the movement of the game you’re playing. As well as the single player mode you can also go head to head with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Impress your friends with your super skill moves by learning the special Remote gestures. Learn to use steal shields, triple jumps and slam dunks to maximum effect.

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