Imperial Infantry

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A complete infantry set that includes 30 plastic Japanese infantry armed with Arisaka rifles, light 'knee' mortars, hand grenades, type 99 Light machine guns (and bayonets!), type 14 Nambu pistols, flag poles, NCO's Shin Gunto sword, anti-tank lunge mines, Arisaka rifles with bayonets and type 100 sub-machine guns. Plus lots of accessories including a bugle and full-colour devotional banner and flag sheet! Thought of as invincible by the Allied forces in the early stages of World War II, the Japanese soldier was a brave, disciplined, often fanatical, warrior who fought to the death sometimes against overwhelming odds. Conquering all before them and carving out a vast Empire during the opening stages of the war the Imperial Japanese Army were truly a force to be reckoned with. This modular infantry set has the tools to build your forces with a wide range of weapons, helmets and equipment making it the perfect set personalize your army and bolster your forces with custom reinforcements, planned by you!

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