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  • spooky stories: Immerse yourself in classic fairy tales with a creepy turn. Become a Little Red Riding Mavis and be careful with Bad Bad Wolf Wayne. He collects valuable baratijas so that the king of thieves enters the cave of the treasures. And solve puzzles to unlock the ruins temples and find the new clothes of Emperor Blobby!
  • Discover new locations: find unique worlds to complete as complicated challenges as finding Griffin, the Invisible Man - Oh Wait, that's one of the challenges! Discover hidden collectibles, cursed medallions and coins in abundance to spend on the store. Discover all the secrets of each story to unlock wasty sweets than a shouted cheese bogel dominates your powers: gain new and powerful vampire skills while defeating the creatures that They pursue each chapter and show the bad bosses that are in charge. Power to Drac and Mavis with super strength, immobilization powers, super jump and much more.

explores classic worlds of fairy tales with your favorite characters from the Sony Pictures animation films at Hotel Transylvania: Scary -Tale Adventures! Take control of Drac and Mavis and plays through unique worlds with its own spooky turn, including Red Little Red Riding Hood, the new clothes of the emperor and Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Faced with fearsome enemies and diabolical puzzles, you must abandon and use your special skills to splash, slide and jump through these worlds of spooky stories books. You will even know iconic characters of Hotel Transylvania such as Johnny, Murray, Wayne and more, that will guide you to complete exciting missions and solve tortuous challenges, along with a coffin full of collectibles to discover it. With both at stake, Drac and Mavis tell you to save the day

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