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  • Bandai's Gundam Infinity Collection takes the most iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe and offers a highly detailed 4.5-inch figure with over 14 points of articulation and battle-ready accessories.
  • Gundam's Artemis, RX-78-2, XXXG-01W Wing, MBF-PO2 Astray and Barbatos Battle Frames are the first wave in this exciting new collection
  • Each figure in the collection has interchangeable arms/legs/torso/head that can be mixed and matched across all figures for the endless customization Gundam fans have come to expect.
  • Plus, each figure comes with "Build a Figure" accessories to build the classic and iconic MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit (not available in stores).
  • The RX-78-2 Gundam is the titular Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam television series. The most iconic of the Mobile Suits will turn the tide in favor of the Earth Federation during the year-long war against the Principality of Zeon.
  • Includes the following accessories: Lightsaber, XBR-M-79-07G Lightsaber and RX*M-Sh-008/S 01025 Shield, "Build a Figure" arm accessories for the iconic Mobile Suit MS-06F Zaku.

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