Gran Turismo 7

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Race competitively or casually, collect cars, tune them, design livery, and take photos – in Gran Turismo 7, you can do it all

What we love

- Choose from a variety of single player game modes like Arcade and Driving School, or compete against other players in GT Sport Mode
- Play a captivating campaign in the reintroduced GT Simulation Mode, where you can tune, race and sell your cars to unlock new models and challenges

Good to know

- Collect hundreds of cars, from older classics to hyper-modern supercars – there's over 420 cars available from day one
- Navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions, including iconic tracks from previous GT instalments
- Race with a friend on one console thanks to the splitscreen multiplayer

PLAYSTATION Gran Turismo 7, Racing, Minimum age: 3+, Single player / Co-op / Online multiplayer, Only on PlayStation

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