Ghostrunner (Xbox Series X)

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Ghostrunner feels like the game a lot of '80s devs wish they could have made. You play a ninja cyborg making your way up through the guts of a massive skyscraper, blending parkour with slash-'em-up combat in some pretty hardcore action sequences. The first-person camera gives Ghostrunner a bit of a Mirror's Edge vibe, though the rigour you have to approach platforming sequences with is, if anything, reminiscent of a 3D Super Meat Boy. Your move set, meanwhile, will feel very comfortable for fans of TitanFall - there's a wall-run, a grappling hook and knee slide to get you around the environment. Combat recalls another 2D game - Katana ZERO. It's all single-hit kills, and you have to approach a combat arena very strategically. You might have to take out certain enemies first in order to survive, making these encounters seriously hardcore. Mercifully, the checkpoint system is generous and respawns are extremely fast, meaning you can treat each fight as a puzzle to iterate on. You're helped by a pretty deep abilities tree that enables you to go pretty deep on how you customise your character, picking minor tweaks and major upgrades that complement your play style. It's tight, slick stuff that will reward hardcore action fans.

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