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Gaming Headphones Hori Gaming Earbuds Pro - Nintendo Switch:All gamers know that its not just graphics and gameplay that matter, but quality sound as well. The Hori gaming headphones have a popular, very compact, discreet plug design. Their ear-covering design will guarantee fantastic isolation from annoying noise. They connect to your device using a 3.5mm jack. These headphones include a microphone built in. The volume of your music can be regulated with the control wheel. You can easily replace the earplugs if necessary. Hori Gaming Earbuds Pro - Nintendo Switch Gaming Headphones Key Features Stylish red and blue colour Integrated volume control buttons Connect with a 3.5mm jack The construction of these gaming headphones is closed Made to be used with Nintendo Switch The Hori gaming headphones have a microphone as well Gamers should appreciate the handy microphone. The Hori gaming headphones microphone will guarantee flawless communication with your friends. It is on the headphone cable. Its removable design will surely not interfere with the audio quality. You can also count on muting the microphone.

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