Fun Animal Park (Nintendo Switch)

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If you go down to the zoo today, you're sure of a big surprise! Join your lovable puppet guides on a tour of a park filled with animals, all itching to play some exciting mini-games with you! Discover 30 different mini-games to play with your family and friends, each one offering a different kind of animal fun. Use the intuitive motion controls of your Joy-Con controller to twist, swish, shake and wave your way to victory, playing games in a variety of modes to prove who the champion is! Enjoy a zoo-full of animal fun, playing exciting mini-games with your family and friends to see who's the king of the jungle! 30 different mini-games await, each with their own unique gameplay and objectives. Can you master them all? Practice your favourite games in Solo mode to get the highest score, then take on others in One Match or Tour mode. Intuitive motion controls make each game easy to pick up, offering fun for players of all ages.

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