Foreclosed (Nintendo Switch)

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Foreclosed is a narrative-driven cyberpunk shooter that's heavy on the cyber. You play as Evan Kapnos, an augmented human who just had his identity 'foreclosed', which translates to 'seized by the state' and soon to be auctioned off along with his implants. He is absolutely fuming about it. So, stripped of his implants, job and access to the city block chain he sets out for revenge. Revenge, in this case, involves a lot of cover-based, stealthy shooting and a touch of cybernetic telekinesis unlocked through the game's RPG-like skill system. The star of the show, though, is definitely the design. Conceived as a graphic novel come to life, it's a cel-shaded world of washed out neon with interesting use of comics panels in-game. This world might be grim, but there's still a lot of eye candy around.

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