Fo Ww Enclave Soldiers

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Enclave soldiers in the field are equipped with some of the best armor on offer anywhere in the wasteland. The power armor type is rightly known as Black Devil armor for the paint color, semi-horned helmets, and savage actions of its wearers. Armed with high powered energy weapons, the soldiers of the Enclave march to war with righteous fury in their hearts to reclaim what they see as their birth right. In truth, the elite warriors enclosed in the armor are more dangerous than the weaponry they wield. Conditioned almost from birth to believe they are the sole representatives of humanity, they are hardened by years of training and sorties into the wasteland. They are razor sharp warriors, ready to cut down any who resist the Enclave. Includes two new miniatures for your games of Wasteland Warfare. Modiphius miniatures are sold unpainted and may require assembly.

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