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  • From a flying panda to a rainbow unicorn, discover 12 amazing creatures you'll love to cuddle and play with. As soon as they hatch, they all need your attention.
  • Each animal needs a specific food that you will have to produce. Each one lives in their own house and has an original game that they like the most. Have fun while you meet them all
  • Collect hundreds of colors and furs for your pets and challenge your friends to see who will have the most unique creatures. Be the first to find the rarest!
  • Get cool accessories (hats, sunglasses, headbands, etc.) to personalize each of your pets
  • Decorate the forest in your own style with beautiful buildings, plants and magical items. Some of them may surprise you.

Welcome to fantasy friends, a world of magic and fantasy where you are responsible for taking care of fantastic creatures. The game takes place in a beautiful fantasy forest where anything is possible. With the help of Aurea, the magical fairy, you will care for 12 adorable new pet friends. Take care of them and make sure you give them all the love they need. If you do, your pets will grow and play with you. The more you take care of them, keeping them happy and healthy, the more mana you will gain. Use your mana to get new creatures, buy them new clothes or even cooler toys to play with, and decorate the forest with awesome fun items

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