The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Collection PS4

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is the next chapter of ZeniMax Online Studios' Award-winning online RPG. Long before the oblivion crisis, the longhouse emperors made a deal with a Devil - The Daedric prince mehrunes dagon. That deal comes due in a saga of murderous deceit & sinister revelations that leads you to the nightmare realm known as the Dead lands, where players will fight to stop the Daedric Prince, mehrunes dagon himself. Players are not alone in their quest however, as returning characters eveli sharp-arrow and lyranth will support in their fight against the scheming Prince. The Blackwood chapter features a Devilish main story containing over 30 hours of new content, tons of side quests, countless quality of life features, and, for the first time ever, introduces companions who will adventure through Tamriel alongside the player. The new rockgrove trial, oblivion Portal world events, unique chapter-specific rewards and more will provide the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood veteran players and newcomers alike with an amazing year of Daedric destruction.

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