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The ultimate in Digivice, the VITAL BRACELET, brings play to your daily life by utilising the number of steps you take along with you heartbeat. This Digital Monsters Vital Bracelet features some of the original Digimon released in 1997! This wearable device Digivolves the Digimon into various forms by reading the wearers heartbeat. Your Digimon's state changes depending on your daily activities including running and walking. How active you are will change your Digimon's lifestyle and bring about different Digivolution paths. Activate automatic battle against enemy Digimons living in areas within DiM cards. The results of the battle depend on the Digimon's Mental Status and Vital Value, and affects how the Digimon will Digivolve. You can encounter enemy Digimon by placing your bracelet near NFC enabled devices, such as electronic payment machines and card readers.

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