Devil May Cry 5

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Sharpen up your skills ready for another demonic threat that is invading the world in Devil May Cry 5. Since the release of Devil May Cry 4, the demons have returned for another intense and high-speed sequel. Nero must face the chaotic adventure, filled with mayhem and epic demon slaying. This time he has swapped the Devil Bringer for a robotic arm that offers a powerful punch with even more impressive ways to eliminate demons. Red Grave City is being destroyed after years of peacefulness, and it’s down to you to help defeat the onslaught of demons. Attracting the attention of Dante and Nero, the demon hunters are determined to end the chaos. The supernatural family drama continues, and Dante seeks revenge for his brother’s corruption and the tragic murder of his mother. There are three playable characters each with a different style of combat and play style as they tackle the overrun city. Nero, the main protagonist, has the blood of Sparda and must face the disastrous onslaught of demons with his new partner-in-crime, Nico. The demon hunters must face their demons and survive an epic battle in adrenaline-fuelled fights across Red Grave City.

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