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Created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman is probably one of the most well-known female comic book superheroes in history so if a movie were to be made about her, it sure as hell better do the iconic pop culture figure justice. There hasn’t been a solid live-action portrayal of the superhero since the  show starring the flawless Lynda Carter as the titular Amazon Princess which lasted for three seasons from 1975-1979. There have been many attempts to bring her back to the fold including David E. Kelley’s  series starring Adrianne Palicki that never took off as well as the Joss Whedon’s film that never was. After all of these false starts, it seems that the timing of the release of a new WONDER WOMAN movie couldn’t be any more perfect considering we’re in the Golden Age of superhero cinema and a time where bigotry and misogyny seem to be all the rage. That said, the highly anticipated Patty Jenkins-directed stand alone movie starring Gal Gadot is not only the strongest film in the recent struggling string of DC movies but also a spectacular — not to mention very welcome — allegory for toppling the patriarchy.

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