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Bus simulator 21 will be released on September 07, 2021 on PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One and as well be playable on the new console generation contains numerous Mercedes-Benz buses of the citaro and Capacity series and, for the first time, also ecitaros! includes two huge maps with a us and European setting respectively! a number of new, reworked and extended features improved open world gameplay co-op multiplayer mode Product Description In bus Simulator 21, players get the opportunity to set up their own local transport company in the fictional us metropolis "angel shores", as well as the European based city "seaside Valley", and prove their bus driving skills with an enormous number of officially licensed and lovingly recreated bus models, players can look forward to experiencing the most extensive part of the popular simulation game series In bus Simulator 21. Thanks to the continuation of the successful partnership with the popular Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, bus enthusiasts can now for the first time get behind the wheel of officially licensed e-buses of the ecitaro series! in addition to a small, 2-doored, 12-meter-long, manoeuvrable Mercedes-Benz ecitaro e-bus with two axles, the game will also include a large three-door, 18-meter-long ecitaro G articulated bus equipped with three axles and plenty of space for numerous passengers - Two real highlights for bus lovers! Next to this, players can hit the roads with a Citaro G, the agile Citaro like, an up-to-date version of the Citaro o 530, as well as a Capacity and the Extra-long Capacity L articulated bus just like its predecessor, bus Simulator 21 will give players the opportunity to manage their bus company either alone as a single player or in a cooperative multiplayer mode together with their friends. Thanks to the two huge maps and its improved and even freer open world approach as well as numerous new, revised and expanded features, bus enthusiasts and simulation fans can look forward to the most extensive bus driving experience in the successful history of the popular game series;/successor of the popular bus Simulator series comes with officially licensed Mercedes-Benz ecitaros as well as numerous other bus models in September 2021! The bus Simulator game series has always delighted its fans with original licensed buses by internationally known manufacturers. Therefore, Astragon Entertainment and still alive Studios are more than pleased to announce the continuation of their long-term, successful partnership with the popular German Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz for the upcoming bus Simulator 21. In addition to numerous bus models known from its predecessors, the game will also contain two brand new Mercedes-Benz ecitaro buses for the first time in the history of the series! Box Contains CD EAN: 4041417850426

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