Dragon Ball Z Banpresto Creator x Creator Shenron Figure

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This Shenron figure is released by Banpresto in their Creator x Creator x Dragon Ball Statue Figurine series.In this series of collectibles from Banpresto, Creator (Sculptor) and Creator (Photographer) collaborate in the design of these figures to create cool art displays! It is the ultimate figure one that every sculptor wants to make, and every photographer would want to capture - combined to give you the best of both craft and detail. The Creator x Creator figures could only be found in Japan's UFO Catcher games, and are difficult to get the exact figure you want.Shenron (神龍, lit. "Divine Dragon" or "God Dragon") is a magical dragon from the Dragon Ball franchise. In the anime, Shenron is shown with brown antlers, sharp teeth, green scaly skin, red eyes, four toes on each foot, a long serpentine body (his tail takes up three-fourths of his length), long flowing whiskers, a long snout, crescent-shaped nostrils, and flowing green hair on his cheeks. He is an Eastern dragon, whose kind are benevolent and sacred in Oriental mythologies. Unlike the Western dragons, which have large dorsal foldable wings on their backs, he has none.

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