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Post-apocalyptic New World Survive the End of the New World in the Biomutant. A plague is about to ruin the land and the Tree of Life is slowly dying, tribes are divided like never before. It's up to you and your decisions to determine the fate of this post-apocalyptic open world. Evolved Biomutant As a Biomutant, learn the ways of Wung-Fu, craft your gear and use new abilities gained through mutations. For combat you get to use a mix of martial arts, shooting and mutation powers. Craft your weapons to complement your style, you can mix and match parts you find to make swords, clubs, revolvers, rifles and more. Vast world to explore You don't have to get around on foot. There's a variety of mounts to ride, like Mektons, Googlides or good old air balloon. To fully explore the world, you'll have to craft the necessary gear too. Equip a gas-mask to venture to the Dead Zones or wear thermal-resistant suit to discover secrets of cryonic areas. Combined with psionic powers found at the Old World's radiation-ridden bunkers, you can access places previously unreachable.

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