Battle Axe (Nintendo Switch)

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Battle Axe nFor Nintendo SwitchnNew Genuine & SealednInspired by the classic adventure games of the 80s & 90s, battle Axe is an Arcade top-down hack & slash created by veteran pixel artist henk nieborg. Battle Axe features High quality visuals, true to form game mechanics, and music from the legendary vgm composer manami matsumae - retro gamers rejoicenfor as long as you and your people can remember, your homeland of mercia has been held in the tyrannical grip of etheldred a despotic Sorceress who resides in a seemingly impenetrable Tower in the distant icy wastelands to the North. Every seven years she sends her armies South to handpick inhabitants from each Township who will be subject to a life of slavery, and they are never heard from Call is sent out to Champions across the land pleading with them to put an end to her rule. An Elf, a wizard and a Marauder answer the Call. Join this band of heroes on their quest the vanquish evil from the land.

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