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He's here! He's finally here! The hero we've all been waiting for! Captain ASTRO was born made for this moment. We all know him from his escapades in party hit THE PLAYROOM, and now this clever, cunning, bite-sized bot stars in his own adventure totally exclusive to PlayStationVR. By working together with ASTRO, players explore multi-dimensional worlds, unleash formidable gadgets, discover amazing secrets and face terrifying enemies to help find his spaceship's lost crew-bots. Don't be fooled by his size, for great things come in small packages Never underestimate the power of ASTRO BOT.

A WHOLE NEW WAY TO PLAY IN VRASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a totally unique virtual reality platform adventure immersing players in every second of the thrilling on-screen action. Why players will love Captain ASTRO's daring mission:

Full 360 vision delivers a mind-blowing sense of scale allowing players to judge every move with complete precision (and spot sneaky enemies).

Immersive and engaging gameplay lets players look, lean and move their whole body to interact with their surroundings to solve puzzles, activate switches or smash things up.

Rich, vibrant multi-dimensional worlds are waiting to be explored, with amazing secrets and collectables to discover, and fun-packed challenge stages to conquer.

Legions of enemies to fight and a host of epic bosses to battle.

Surround sound 3D audio that gives audible clues to locate the missing crew-bots.

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