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EZ RPG is an easy to learn, universal tabletop roleplaying game system that allows you to play virtually anything - any character type in any setting. Valiantly defend the planet against carnivorous dinosaurs or technologically superior aliens as they invade your hometown. EZ RPG allows you to take on the role of an alien fighting off a dinosaur invasion or an alien riding into battle on dinosaurs to repel a zombie infestation. The EZ RPG game system allows you to play any character class or profession in any setting or genre you can imagine. You could even play a Roman general forced to team up with a time-displaced space captain to save the earth, and the future, from a horde of demonic cows hellbent on waking up the Great Old Ones. Choose from any genre - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Farce, Romance - and create your own adventure, whether it's just for a night, a weekend, or an ongoing campaign. Your imagination is the only limit. No special dice needed - uses only two standard six-sided diceUses one easy to learn set of game mechanics for all game operations that maintains playability and encourage character roleplayingFlexible rules allow GM and players to adapt characters for any class or professionUniversal game mechanics allow for genre crossovers without conversionGameplay easily adapted to miniature use at 1 inch = 1 yard/meter

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