Airfix Blood Red Skies

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Airfix and Warlord Games have teamed up to present the larger scale dogfights in Blood Red Skies to crossover from modeling into tabletop gaming! Following the same rules as Warlord Games but adjusted for the use of 1:72nd Scale Airfix plastic model kits! Build, paint and play! The construction and painting of the models and watching them come to life are just as much fun as the game itself! The contents include 4 unpainted plastic model kits (2 Spitfires & 2 Messerchmitts), which need to be built before the game can be played. Paints, Glue and Brushes need to be purchased separately to complete the construction of the kits. Repeat history in Blood Red Skies tabletop miniatures game where you take command of a force of fighter aircraft in battle. The emphasis in 'Blood Red Skies' is on action and the game is fast-paced, with no pre-plotting or book-keeping required. A game of Blood Red Skies with two planes per side can be fought in twenty minutes or less. Tilting base of the aircraft shows the status as advantaged, neutral or disadvantaged of your airplane throughout the game and could make all the difference during a dogfight determining your maneuverability as well as your vulnerabilites! Each Aircraft comes with a Traits card describing its firepower, agility and speed. Fly up the ranks from Rookie to Ace fighter pilot with how many planes you shoot down! Select from different scenarios in the rulebook with each turn consisting in maneuvers, shooting and advantage! Do you have what it takes to become an Ace?!

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