How to order:

Step 1 - Add an item(s) to basket
Note: If item(s) are not available then you will be able to pre-order the selected items. Once they arrive in stock, an email notication will be sent out with the availability of your pre-ordered item(s).

Step 2 - Register: At this stage you will have to enter the required account information and billing details.
After this stage you will see a check box to create an account, this is recommended to avoid missing out on any deals Buy Tech Today may have.

Step 3 - Delivery Details
(Skip if these are the same as account/billing details)

Step 4 - Delivery Method: Here you will be able to select the offered delivery services.

Step 5 - Select Payment method - At the moment we have PayPal as a default payment method.

Step 6 - Fill out a quick and simple survey. (Optional)

Step 7 - Accept ' Terms & Conditions'

Step 8 - Confirm order - This will complete check out process.